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The residence of the Kodate Suzuki family, an old Karakuwa family that had been entrusted with taxing gold dust collection and developing gold mines, such as Shishiori Mine, during the Edo period. In 1675 (Enpo 3), the family introduced the bonito pool fishing culture of Kishu Kumano to Karakuwa. Later, the family ran various small businesses adapted to suit the times, such as fishing and brewing. During the Meiji period, they redeveloped the Oya Mine. From old documents related to the gold mining passed down by the Kodate Suzuki family, it can be seen that gold mining was actively carried out in this region. The Kodate Suzuki family history is a precious example of a longstanding family living in harmony with the sea and the gold mining industry of the region. *This cultural property is not open to the public.

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undesignated (Buildings, Historical Materials)

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