The Story ofMichinoku Gold

Itinerary  Kesennuma  Rikuzentakata

Day trip: The Oya & Mt. Hikami Tamayama Gold Mines

Trace the history of gold mining in Japan

Itinerary highlights

Oya Mine History Museum
During the mine’s operation from Meiji 38 (1905) to Showa 51 (1976), the surrounding area developed into a mining town. Relics and memories of that time are vividly preserved at the museum.

Cape Iwaisaki
Search for gold veins: a geopark where you can see up-close the precious geological “borders” that indicate their presence.

Mt. Hikami Tamayama Gold Mine crystal collecting experience
A gold mine from the time of Masamune Date, where mineshafts remain to this day. Along the way, an area where quartz crystals can be collected is a must-see.
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